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The Philippines

The Philippines

The Philippines is known for a lot of beautiful things. It has amazing nature, beautiful white beaches and a lot of places to go snorkeling or diving. 

If you go to the Philippines than prepare yourself for a lot of Island Hopping. The Philippines has over more than 7.000 islands. Some of them are real highlights which you cannot skip (also the non-touristy ones). 

I am used to backpacking and I have to say the Philippines hasn’t been the easiest country to backpack. There are not a lot of choices to stay which are nice and it takes a lot of planning since you have to take a plane for some islands. 

That it wasn’t easy doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it. To be honest it was more than worth it and I consider the Philippines of the most beautiful places in Asia (from what I have seen so far). 

The insane waterfalls, the stunning beaches, and the incredible underwater life make the Philippines for a definitely must see bucket list goal. 

Since I would have loved a travel guide when I was there, I am making one right now which will be soon available online! If you have questions already or want travel consultancy send me a mail: 

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